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Our Services


Our Team Ensures You Acquire The Maximum Rewarded In The Leading Market

Insurance And Security

Facinnovation applies major Insurance And security strategy to make sure our investors assets and profit are safe and secured


We Provide Secured Crypto Currency As A Mode Of Payment

Customer Service

We Provide 24/7 Hours Of Support To Our Clients And Are Ready To Guide Our Investor's Thoroughly

Fund Management

Streamline the workflows around managing multiple fund portfolios, reporting, calculating NAVs, and maintaining shareholder registries.

Portfolio Management

Facinnovation Allows You To Manage all of your assets in one platform. Consolidate assets from various levels and dimensions

Business & Financial Rebalancing

Manage model portfolios and client-specific investment plans in order to rebalance portfolios and realign their investments to match their model.



Fund Reconcilation

Keep your portfolios’ positions up-to-date continuously, matching portfolio data against information from banks and custodians