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Fund Managment

Streamline the workflows around managing multiple fund portfolios, reporting, calculating NAVs, and maintaining shareholder registries.

Portfolio Management

Manage all of your assets in one platform. Consolidate assets from various levels and dimensions.


Manage model portfolios and client-specific investment plans in order to rebalance portfolios and realign their investments to match their model.

Portfolio Management

Streamline the workflows around managing multiple fund portfolios, reporting, calculating NAVs, and maintaining shareholder registries.


Access your platform securely with two-factor authentication wherever you have internet.


Keep your portfolios’ positions up-to-date continuously, matching portfolio data against information from banks and custodians

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Corporate actions management such as proxy voting can be complicated and manually intensive, especially when managing a large number of portfolios. FAC Corporate Actions module overcomes this by providing you with tools to accurately automate time-consuming and cumbersome aspects of corporate action management. This module allows you to control which portfolios to use, which transactions to create, which taxes to apply, and when to exercise corporate actions. It allows for posting, executing, and distributing decisions to thousands of portfolios with one click.

The FAC Platform enables modern connectivity for automating data transfers using API’s. FAC provides numerous standard GraphQL and REST based APIs for integrating the FAC Platform with other systems. These APIs are secured with token-based authentication. FAC APIs provide you with programmatic access to the data you have stored in FAC allowing you to build your own solutions on top of your portfolio management system. FAC APIs allows you to extensively manage the communication between FAC and the other applications you develop and maintain

The Success Of Facinnovation Efficiency, reliability, and flexibility - this is what customers appreciate most about Facinnovation. The company was founded in 1999, and since then we have successfully expanded our offices in 5 countries and a worldwide client base of more than 70 customers. This includes highly regulated markets in Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, and the Middle East. The company has been growing on average 40% p.a. in turnover for the past five years - we are profitable and growing fast.

We are dedicated to offering a superior Portfolio Management solution to Asset Managers, Fund Managers, Private Banks, Robo Advisors, and Family Offices. Our experience in the industry has allowed us to build FAC Platform - a single cloud-based solution for Back and Middle Offices, Front Office, and end client needs, which is trusted by the most successful Wealth Management companies around the world. Our transaction-based, multi-currency FAC Platform is always accessible on any device and can be easily adapted to different needs in increasingly regulated financial markets. We leverage technology to give our clients more time with their clients.

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Private Equity

Incorporate private equity investments into your portfolio setup and keep a record of your capital commitments and calls. With the analysis you can see your best performers in terms of distributions per paid in capital and other private equity metrics.

Structured Product.

There are lots of different kinds of structured products, ETPs and other SPVs out there. With FA, you can keep track of those and incorporate them into the portfolio analysis as a natural part of the investment universe.


Manage currencies and currency crosses which can be linked to other securities. The currency profit can be then segregated out of the security profit. Also, the platform enables to handle cashflows associated with FX Forward and FX Spot transactions.

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