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Frequently Asked Question

Is There A Withdrawal Fee

No, There Is No Withdrawal Fee. All Our Commission Are Taken Before Crediting Your Portfolio

Is My Investment Secured?

Due to increased Hacking in the Financial industry, we understand that this question is quite obvious. With an extensive experience of more than 5 years, Facinnovation possesses 1500+ well-qualified IT professionals. Conquest is backed by future, a leader in running and managing data centers across the globe for thousands of customers. Therefore, you are completely secured and are in safe hands with the investment in Conquest.

Is There An Insurance Policy?

Yes, for investments above $4,000. Facinnovation will take full responsibility if any issue arise in the future.

Do I Need A KYC Document?

If the legal requirements arise in future you may be asked to provide the identity documents (Photo ID, Address Proof, Passport, Driving License... etc) for your identification for initiating the process of KYC.

How Can I Get Help?

Our Support Are Online 24/7 And Ready To Answer Any Of Your Question

How Do I Start?

Create Account And Fund Your Portfolio Using Any Deposit Method Of Your Choice